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When you dream alone, it is a dream -
when many dream together,
it is the begin of a new reality.

(Helder Camara)

We about us!

Our leading idea is "disclose yourself". The human being is the centre of our thinking and our activity. The brotherhood attempts to join the dispersal modern world together in a mental level. It stands to reason, that masonry is a place of spiritual explanation and human meeting, where we find enough time for cheerful sociality. Beside of our particular relation to humanity, and our general philanthropy, is charity a main component of our activity.

Through our regular meetings, we increase spiritual knowledge and our ethical development. Avoiding to remain in the "ivory tower", we observe the most important cultural, scientifical, political and economical events.

The lodge is for us an educational and experimental establishment. We underline the words of Paracelsus:
Philosophy meets nothing in the cosmos, that we do not find in humanity, because the source of heaven and earth is the same for the microcosm. For this reason we find here on earth the guidepost to the inward and from the inner the gate to the universe.

How can we deal with this reality? We find directives in an old ritual:
"Brains and feelings must always work together, otherwise the space is dominated by a soulless academical knowledge, and the unruly feelings lose themselves in aimless tracks of the circle. The reciprocal action, by using the little word "Love", would help mankind all out. If science would succeed in a reduction of her achievments to a fundamental root, what would be the result? The "absolute"? Science lets this question wisely open."

"Knowledge and consciousness come from the same roots. He who wants to become aware of a fact, must want to have a profound knowledge of the same."(Rudolf Hagelstange) The Poet and Brother Lessing says,
"Not the truth in a possible possession of a man, but the sincere effort he made to find the truth determines his real value. Not the possession of the truth, but the investigation to find the truth increases his perfection."

With all our activity we should not forget, that we are building the temple of the humanity, and the stones we need are the human beings. Sure, some individualists prefer to live there own way, and do not bother about others. However, most men need the support, the congeniality and the sociality. A great many of young men are looking for philantropy, tolerance, charity and education. Our lodge is open for these young men.When we look into the world, we can see that many people are longing for more humanity. Have you also got this longing?

Antoine de Saint-Excupery says,

If you intend to build a ship,
do not look for workers to procure wood and to lead the shipbuilding,
but teach them to long for the wide and endless sea.