The Mysterious Picture

death's heads little

"Who was fool, who wise man, who beggar or emperor?" is the title of the picture. There are no clues enabling us to associate the insignia of the respective social standings with the original owners who are present only with their death's heads. Time has erased all distinctive marks. In our thinking and acting we expel the fact that only a few of the people who live to see the year 2000 will also see the year 2100. What will be left over of us in the year of 2100? Thinking of death ought to remind us urgently to recognize and seize our personal responsibility for a right life. To live right, that is what counts! But how can we decide about what inside of us is of enduring value when we are living in an impatient societiy who is concentrating only on the immediate moment? Freemasonry cannot give direct answers, but will help anyone who is trying ernestly to find a personal answer.

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