"The Magic Flute" - Bro. Alberti and the Frontispiece of the Libretto on the Occasion of the First Performance in the Year 1791 (Page 10).

Ornamental vase

The ornamental vase could describe part of a grave and symbolize the transitoriness of man as a hint to death. On the historical cemetery of the "Herrgotts-Kirche" (church) in Creglingen (Southwest Germany) close to the "Tetzelkanzlei", you can see even today a similar grave in the style of classicism formed like a vase, for "Frederika Sophia Eleonora Charlotta Neun, mother of the general inspector of the businessbooks of the Holland Eastindian Cie of Batavia", carved in 1791 by the sculptor Johann Georg Endner in Uffenheim.

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