"The Magic Flute" - Bro. Alberti and the Frontispiece of the Libretto on the Occasion of the First Performance in the Year 1791 (Page 25).

Signature Albert sc.

Did the freemason Alberti himself design the picture as a pattern? We don't know exactly. The abbrevation "sc" behind his signature ("sc" from sculpsit, he has engraved) only shows that he is the author of the etching. According to the symbolism, we must suppose that the plan of this picture is made by an artist being freemason. Already at the time of Mozart, it was in use to reflect masonic datum points in the own work of art. This does not offend the arkandiscipline because the mediated contents remain protected in spite of puplication. Only initiated can discover the relation to freemasonry.

In cryptography today, such a proceeding is called "open safe" or simply said: "Too many trees hide the wood". The ritual used by the lodge of Mozart, had different hammer-scales for each degree:

- v - for the apprentice degree,
v - - for the fellow craft's degree,
vv - for the master mason degree.
(v = short, - = long hammer-scale)

The interested can distinguish these beats in a lot of Mozart's compositions, and not only in his masonic works (for example: the ouverture of the "Magic Flute" or piano-recital c major "Elvira Madigan K. 467 etc.)

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