"The Magic Flute" - Bro. Alberti and the Frontispiece of the Libretto on the Occasion of the First Performance in the Year 1791 (Page 30).

Five-pronged star with shining cross shadow

The five-pronged star is hanging obove the entrance to a whole row of gates. The candidate, searching for perfection, has to go through. The flaming star seems to project a cross above the foremost gate. John dee, a wellknown alchemist and member of the Rosicrucian Order , handed down a board, on which a cross is symbolizing the three elements fire, water, air and earth in unit. Behind these gates, the candidates presumably will be examined with the four elements, which alludes to act two, scene 28:

The two in armour:

He, who walks on this road full of trouble,
will be purified by fire, water, air and earth.
If he can surmount the horrors of death,
he will soar himself from earth to heaven.
Illuminated, he will be able then to dedicate himself
entirely to the mysteries of Isis.

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