"The Magic Flute" - Bro. Alberti and the Frontispiece of the Libretto on the Occasion of the First Performance in the Year 1791 (Page 33).

Detail from the relief

The structure in the middle of the relief also seems to indicate the temple of Solomon. Some observers believe to see here a sort of throne, and therewith the contemporary armchair of the worshipful master of a lodge. The throne belongs to the eldest symbols of monarchy on the religious and worldly sector. The sitting person is the ruler against the standing one. In the Middle Ages, the throne of Solomon was considered as an example for the judge's seat of the Messiah. On this picture it would mean the valuation of the indicated examinations. The throne also could describe here a connection to Isis, because the name of the most famous goddes of ancient Egypt was written with a throne as symbol. Mostly she is carrying it on her head.

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